Business Development

We continue to grow our business every year in the international market by developing innovative solutions for the growers. Our product portfolio encompasses a large number of well-known registered brands. Our wide network keeps us informed of local demands in the markets we serve. Through our strategy, we aim to:

  • Increase our market share in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region
  • Gain market share in Latin America (LATAM), Africa and Eastern Europe
  • Become the partner of choice for in-licensed formulations
  • Expand our solution-focused product portfolio
  • Offer our customers and stakeholders the added value they deserve


The Middle East and North Africa crop protection market is growing. This market is complex and fragmented, and various infrastructures are required to reach all important channels and sections. This may be a complex process for some multinational companies, however, Agri Sciences possesses the right infrastructure to adapt in this challenging market.

Our experienced team is capable of developing and registering crop protection products in various markets.

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing teams constantly work with one another to optimize our product portfolio.

Agri Sciences strength stems from its experiences Sales and Marketing teams, its product launch studies, and portfolio management.

  • After-sales services
  • Effective pricing strategies
  • Expert staff
  • Global access

Agri Sciences Agrochemical Technologies

1. Dispersion SC wet grinding
2. EC, EW and Microemulsions
3. Extrduer Granulations
4. Microencapsulation
5. Solid grinding jet milling

Agri Sciences Research & Development

Agri Sciences technical staff are highly qualified and have a track record of developing new formulations and innovative products.

With the dynamic R&D program at Agri Sciences, we draw from a wide range of market intelligence and technical feedback, especially when our product development strategy aims to address any global problem.

R&D capabilities are designed to ensure the highest standard of environmentally safe formulation and to embrace the newest out of patent technologies.

Innovative products, which have been added to our portfolio with the dedicated and relentless efforts of our team.

Our high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art faci li t ies help us come up with creative solutions, and enable us to achieve more with less time. Some of our studies include: